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Getting the blog on a roll...

So it's been a while since anything has been posted, but after creating a solid foundation I think most of us here are now ready to begin putting forth media, ideas, events, etc.

For the end of the year, one thing I want to bring to everyone's attention would be the gift certificates. This is an excellent opportunity for a gift, or otherwise.

From the certificate:

"OG Tattoos gift certificates are now available. Get back a little for giving a lot. For a limited time, OG Tattoos & Gallery is offering a cheerful giver incentive. Each certificate is uniquely stamped and can be exchanged towards the purchase of a tattoo, shop merchandise or service. You may also order one for a friend or family member. Each certificate purchased will receive another Bonus Bux, based on the price of the initial certificate purchased ($100=25, $250=50, $500=100). These ‘Bonus Bux’ may be given to a friend or added to a purchase of your own. Bonus Bux and Gift Certificates have NO CASH VALUE…