Getting the blog on a roll...

So it's been a while since anything has been posted, but after creating a solid foundation I think most of us here are now ready to begin putting forth media, ideas, events, etc.

For the end of the year, one thing I want to bring to everyone's attention would be the gift certificates. This is an excellent opportunity for a gift, or otherwise.

From the certificate:

"OG Tattoos gift certificates are now available. Get back a little for giving a lot. For a limited time, OG Tattoos & Gallery is offering a cheerful giver incentive. Each certificate is uniquely stamped and can be exchanged towards the purchase of a tattoo, shop merchandise or service. You may also order one for a friend or family member. Each certificate purchased will receive another Bonus Bux, based on the price of the initial certificate purchased ($100=25, $250=50, $500=100). These ‘Bonus Bux’ may be given to a friend or added to a purchase of your own. Bonus Bux and Gift Certificates have NO CASH VALUE. Both expire 180 days from time of purchase. Must present and render certificate to receive set value. Mention of gift certificate must be made known at time of consultation or appointment scheduling."

Please come stop by to inquire, call, or e-mail us!
More updates coming soon.


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