First Timers

Welcome First-timers! Questions pretty plllease?You're entering into uncharted territory after all. Its only permanent. Its only, as you say, a needle (try multiple, champ). Its only the depths of Hell, and your artist, a perfect embodiment of Satan, coming to claim your immortal soul.Its not nearly as dark as some may seem. This is an experience, friends. Have no fear, need not fret. We're going to Superman-Shaman-bodyslam  this thing for you first time riders. COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONS:Q: Anything I should do before I get tattooed?A: Sleep.Eat. Drink water. Take care of the Engine before speed racing the car. Blood sugar can drop if you have not eaten, so it is crucial to eat something substantial before procedure. We're talking an adrenaline rush, kids. Treat your car well so you can ride comfortably.
Q:  Anything I should do while getting tattooed?A: Breathe. Stretch. Relax. Be still. Smile. Let go. The best way through this is to breathe. Pump oxygen through your veins.…


Hello everyone, Eric here. Making a quick update to the blog to thank everyone for your support and those that came out this past Sunday for our drive! A winner for the free tattoo will be picked, and announced at our next event in the coming weeks.

FOR THE MONTH OF JUNE, as a thank you to a wonderful year, I will be offering my #FLASH at 50% OFF!!! This is a way for me to give back. It also helps me, skill wise.

That means, anything labeled with a #FLASH tag on my facebook, or my instagram, I will gladly do at 50% the regular pricing for the entire month of June. You may have it anywhere, but NO ribs please!

I will still be doing anything else at full price, rib pieces included.

From here out, I hope to share with you daily some work I have to offer. That is the goal.

It has been a lot of work up to this point, and so again - THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! I am excited to be moving forward as are the rest of us, and getting some awesome artwork out to you.

You can contact me at cellaardo…

Getting the blog on a roll...

So it's been a while since anything has been posted, but after creating a solid foundation I think most of us here are now ready to begin putting forth media, ideas, events, etc.

For the end of the year, one thing I want to bring to everyone's attention would be the gift certificates. This is an excellent opportunity for a gift, or otherwise.

From the certificate:

"OG Tattoos gift certificates are now available. Get back a little for giving a lot. For a limited time, OG Tattoos & Gallery is offering a cheerful giver incentive. Each certificate is uniquely stamped and can be exchanged towards the purchase of a tattoo, shop merchandise or service. You may also order one for a friend or family member. Each certificate purchased will receive another Bonus Bux, based on the price of the initial certificate purchased ($100=25, $250=50, $500=100). These ‘Bonus Bux’ may be given to a friend or added to a purchase of your own. Bonus Bux and Gift Certificates have NO CASH VALUE…


$100 OFF color PORTRAITS $50 OFF black and gray PORTRAITS every walk in Wednesday from now until the end of the year!


This is our first post on blogger. We will be regularly updating here with any news and or events. So check back often! OG TATTOOS is now open (as of 10/30) for business, come check us out!