First Timers

Welcome First-timers! Questions pretty plllease?

You're entering into uncharted territory after all. Its only permanent. Its only, as you say, a needle (try multiple, champ). Its only the depths of Hell, and your artist, a perfect embodiment of Satan, coming to claim your immortal soul.

Its not nearly as dark as some may seem. This is an experience, friends. Have no fear, need not fret. We're going to Superman-Shaman-bodyslam  this thing for you first time riders.


Q: Anything I should do before I get tattooed?

A: Sleep.Eat. Drink water. Take care of the Engine before speed racing the car. Blood sugar can drop if you have not eaten, so it is crucial to eat something substantial before procedure. We're talking an adrenaline rush, kids. Treat your car well so you can ride comfortably.

Q:  Anything I should do while getting tattooed?

A: Breathe. Stretch. Relax. Be still. Smile. Let go. The best way through this is to breathe. Pump oxygen through your veins. This will help you relax, and find rhythm with your artist's movements. You'll be asked to sit a certain way, helping your artist stretch the skin, making it easier to penetrate skin (haha). Chill out and smile. Remember, its only a ride dude.

Q: It is going to hurt?

A: Is it going to hurt? Is the Sky blue? Yes,  or more accurately answered, most times. But you get the picture. Will it hurt a lot? Sometimes yes, depending on location and duration of time. Sometimes,not so much. It may seem annoying, and yet somehow, soothing, dare say, therapeutic depending on who you ask. Think of a hot scratch or hot pen. It is tolerable, and you can handle it. In any case, not as many people would have tattoos if it were so terribly scarring on your psyche.

Q:  How do I take care of it? 

A: Cleanliness is Godliness, and you better believe it hero. Wash your tattoo up upwards of five times a day with Antibacterial soap and water. No pool, no beach, no submerging under water. No direct sunlight. Don't fuck with it (no picking or peeling, let your skin heal of its own natural accord). Let it breathe the first day or two. Moisturize if need be, when it is dry. Enjoy for a lifetime. Not even a car lasts that long!

Q: What do I put on it?

A: To moisturize your tattoo, a few options are open to you. Our studio most prefers Aveeno, oatmeal shea with the dark green cap. It is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, which is mucho important no matter what you choose. Aquaphor is not bad, but BEWARE. A little tinsy wincy bit goes a long, long way with this stuff. Too much can suffocate your pores, trapping bacteria and causing more harm than help. Dry healing (which is no moisturizer) is totally cool, but quite an itchy way to go. Yeah, that's right dude, tattoos itch due to healing. Recap here: Aveeno for the Win.

Q: How long will it take to heal?

A: 2-3 weeks. Two weeks (more or less) for black and grey work. 3 weeks to fully heal for color. Even if something has fully peeled, it does not mean it is fully healed. Wait until your tattoo is no longer spongy, waxy or shiny. Any touchup work is always on the house as part of tattoo longevity and integrity.

Q: Will it peel? Can I pick it?

A: It will, absolutely peel. Keep it clean, moisturized, and all is good in the neighborhood. Can you pick it? No you Savage! Have some self control. Your body can take care of itself minus your prehistoric impulses.


As recommended by your Shaman Tattoo instructor:

Drink water
Be still

This meaning is adjourned.


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