Hello everyone, Eric here. Making a quick update to the blog to thank everyone for your support and those that came out this past Sunday for our drive! A winner for the free tattoo will be picked, and announced at our next event in the coming weeks.

FOR THE MONTH OF JUNE, as a thank you to a wonderful year, I will be offering my #FLASH at 50% OFF!!! This is a way for me to give back. It also helps me, skill wise.

That means, anything labeled with a #FLASH tag on my facebook, or my instagram, I will gladly do at 50% the regular pricing for the entire month of June. You may have it anywhere, but NO ribs please!

I will still be doing anything else at full price, rib pieces included.

From here out, I hope to share with you daily some work I have to offer. That is the goal.

It has been a lot of work up to this point, and so again - THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! I am excited to be moving forward as are the rest of us, and getting some awesome artwork out to you.

You can contact me at cellaardoor@gmail.com if you have any quesitons.



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